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The Way to Improved Health through Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

pain management

Sufficient pain management is a compelling and worldwide requirement in health care. Despite recent advancements, the unfavorable physiological and psychological implications of unmanaged pain are still unresolved. Inappropriate pain management can lead to a decline in a patient’s overall quality of life. Appropriate management of acute pain leads to improved patient outcomes and increased satisfaction.

About 51.8 million U.S adults of at least 65 years old are affected by arthritis. Additionally, at least one in five American adults has been diagnosed with arthritis, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Arthritis is the primary cause of disability in the United States.

Improved health intervention changes a patient’s perception of pain. Understanding pain management is crucial in influencing one’s reaction to pain therapy. The use of pain management doctors is essential in improving a patient’s pain management skills, pain education, and pain eradication.

Chiropractic care in pain relief

Chiropractic treatment for pain relief is one of the methods being used to reduce pain, improve posture, and restore muscle balance in patients. Chiropractic care is a health care profession that aims at disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Chiropractors are trained to identify regions within the spine that may be irritating the nervous system. Chiropractors use a procedure called spinal manipulation to restore proper spinal function.

Although spinal manipulation is the main thing in chiropractic care, most professionals incorporate other services such as massage therapy, rehabilitation therapy, and exercise, among others. Chiropractic therapy is a safer alternative to other forms of pain management treatments and has a high rate of customer satisfaction. Spinal manipulation has been judged as an effective treatment for back pain, advanced physical therapy progress, and reduced reliance on pain medication.

Patients under chiropractic care enjoy a wide range of benefits when they combine spinal manipulation with exercise and other lifestyle activities. Exercise helps relieve stress and improve posture. It also strengthens muscles that support the body and may help treat the underlying source of pain. It is wise to consult a chiropractor on the best exercises to perform.

If you’re suffering from an auto accident, chiropractic care can offer a drug-free way to relieve your pain. For instance, if you have back pain or neck pain after a car accident, this could translate to a spinal injury. The stiffness from a motor vehicle injury can hinder movement. When you receive a chiropractic adjustment, it will restructure your spine, restore function, decrease inflammation, and enable the body to start a faster natural healing process.

Relationship between massage therapy and chiropractic massage

Massage therapy and chiropractic massage go hand in hand to improve the health and well-being of the patient without surgery. Massage helps to ease the tension in the muscles that may have been knotted, causing pain. Chiropractic massage uses techniques such as high-velocity and low-amplitude thrust. Many clinics combine these treatments for a more dynamic spinal adjustment and a faster healing process.

Physical therapy and chiropractic care

Physical therapy is used to diagnose and treat movement impairments and disorders of all kinds. Physical therapy aims to help patients regain lost mobility, maintenance care, or to prevent future injury. Treatments are usually administered in hospitals, nursing homes, or other locations that have access to a physician.

Both treatments are great for those suffering from musculoskeletal issues. Chiropractic care is also used to treat other conditions such as depression and earaches. It focuses more on the nervous system, with a wide range of conditions to be treated as the nervous system extends throughout the body and can cause different complications.

As a patient, you have several options for managing symptoms and regaining a healthy, active lifestyle without the use of drugs. Before you stop using the prescribed medication, it is wise to consult a physician or chiropractor, because you need to taper down the dose slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

While no pain relief strategy is 100% successful, chiropractic treatments have proven otherwise. Find a chiropractor and start your way to natural healing.

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