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Eliminate Joint Pain With Stem Cell Therapy

If you experience chronic joint pain from an injury, arthritis or other causes in your knees, hips, shoulders or other joints, stem cell therapy can help. By using healthy stem cells to repair and regenerate damaged tissue, this treatment can reduce the need for surgery, medication and steroid injections — and eventually eliminate chronic pain. 

Here’s what you need to know about using stem cell therapy to treat chronic pain. 

What are stem cells? 

Like other cells in our body, stem cells can replicate and regenerate, but they’re also able to become the particular kind of cell your body needs to repair damaged tissue — think of it as an internal repair system. The injected stem cells can become healthy muscle, cartilage, blood, nerve or ligament cells. 

Where do the stem cells come from? 

Stem cell therapist centers like Bailey Health Solutions use umbilical cord stem cells derived exclusively from the umbilical cord tissue of healthy birthed babies and mothers, using the safest and least invasive method of extraction available. Umbilical cord stem cells replicate themselves every 28 hours for 65 generations, giving rise to millions of undifferentiated cells. 

How do stem cells work on pain? 

Because these healthy stem cells can become whatever cell is needed, they can build, repair and grow new tissue in the area of your body where you are experiencing pain from an injury or a condition like arthritis or tendonitis. Stem cells can help reduce inflammation, modulate the body’s immune responses and stimulate regeneration in tissue. 

What is involved with stem cell therapy? 

Stem cells will be administered based on a recommendation from your medical provider or nurse practitioner. The cells are administered through injection or IV infusion to maximize the reach. 

Here are some things patients undergoing stem cell therapy for joint pain can expect: 

  • Before the therapy: You’ll be asked to stop or reduce all aspirin products, non-steroidals, Vitamin E supplementation and the use of fish oil at least five days before the therapy. It’s also important to stay hydrated. 
  • During therapy: The process is short and simple, taking anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. The process includes cleaning and prepping the injection site, the injection of the stem cells, post therapy instructions and possible IV therapy. 
  • After therapy: You’ll stop or reduce anti-inflammatory medication for at least a week. In your immediate post-therapy, you can perform light exercises and stretching; a month later, you can perform more aggressive stretching and light-weight training; a month after that, your workout regimen and sports activities can increase. 

Is stem cell therapy safe? 

The process of harvesting umbilical cord stem cells is regulated by the FDA, and Bailey Health Solutions abides by all of the most stringent medical guidelines. Because umbilical cord stem cells are less mature than other cells, the body’s immune system is unable to recognize them as foreign and therefore, they are not rejected. There has never been a documented instance of rejection in graft vs. host. 

Could stem cell regeneration help you recover? 

If you’re ready to learn more about stem cell therapy, Bailey Health Solutions offers informative Stem Cell Therapy Seminars in which you’ll learn more about how this treatment can help you live with less pain — without the side effects of medication or surgery. If you’re experiencing joint pain and would like to find out more about how stem cell therapy can help, call Bailey Health Solutions in St. Augustine for an initial appointment at (904) 342-4941 or use their contact form to get in touch

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