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Morpheus8 (Skin Tightening & Resurfacing)




  • Combines radiofrequency with microneedling.
  • Tightens loose skin.
  • Reduces appearance of lines & wrinkles.
  • Destroys fat cells.
  • Provides body contouring
  • Reduces appearance of sun damage
  • Acne improvement
  • Acne scar reduction
  • Anti-aging
  • Little to no downtime

Why Morpheus8™

Morpheus8 is considered to be the gold standard for wrinkle reduction, enhanced collagen production, and overall skin rejuvenation.  This technology varies from other devices, in that it combines the deep penetration of microneedling with thermal energy from radiofrequency(RF) to heat deep underlying skin layers. This process triggers the production of collagen and elastin, leading to tighter skin, reduction in skin laxity and a more firm, plump appearance. It is currently the deepest fractional technology on the market.  

Morpheus8’s 12, 24 and 40 pin fine microneedle attachments can penetrate the surface of the skin and fat layers at varying depths up to 8mm, thereby transmitting the RF energy from inside or below the dermal layers.  Shallow depths of penetration with less RF energy can help with fine lines and skin tightening.  Deeper depths of penetration with higher RF energy targets subcutaneous fat which destroys the unwanted cells.  The number of needles used on the pin attachment depends on the area of the body being treated.

Morpheus8 is also great for acne because it penetrates the skin at different depths to kill bacteria that produce cystic formation.

Treatment can be performed on the face, above the knees, under the eyes, under the chin, on the abdomen, under the arms, on the back or anywhere you want skin tightening or fat loss.

Am I a candidate?

Morpheus RF microneedling is typically suitable for all skin types and tones. Contraindications to treatment include pregnancy, coagulation disorders, active infections at treatment site and delayed wound healing. When you see our treatment professional during your consult, they will determine if you are a candidate for the procedure.

How soon will I see results?

Most clients will require 3-5 Morpheus treatments one month apart to achieve their desired results.  There is also minimal downtime following each treatment. You can expect some redness that looks like a mild sunburn for 3 to 6 days following the treatment. Visible results can be seen within a few days after each treatment, however, more noticeable changes typically occur in three weeks to three months.

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